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Mark Smith and his P82 Twin Mustang.

World Models P-82 Twin Mustang ARF has nifty split flaps!

Du-Bro's new glow igniter accepts dry cells too!

Fiberglass repair tricks!

World's Rambler 45 on another sortie!

Hitec's Ecllipse controls + and - shift FM receivers!

Goebell dash for 1/3 scale Pitts!

www.model-graphics.com has superb painted figures.

www.pspmfg.com has awesome fuel caps!

Du-Bro's handy new tranny caddy!

Featured in MS0501
  • 0501_56k.wmv - 596k, play a 120 second streaming-sample for dial-up connections.
    0501broad.wmv - a 1719k sample, for broadband internet connections.

  • flightLINE: A treat for your ears! 26 pounds of airplane are nothing as Jose Travieso's Turbomin-powered F-15 Eagle takes to the sky where (because of the turbine-engine) it not only looks but also sounds like the real thing! Then, if synchronized twin engines give you goosebumps, you'll love Mark Smith's prototype of the Dynaflight P82-Twin Mustang. His stand-off scale replica is fast yet agile and slows to a walk on landing.
  • preVIEW: Pleased to discover The World Models created a P-82 Twin Mustang, we are greatly impressed to see the ARF replica includes pre-install retracts and also features genuine split-flaps! What's more, unlike the now out of production Dynaflight kit, this one's wing separates into three pieces outboard of the fuselages making it easy to transport! Also, details abound, like the molded in exhaust stacks on the lightweight pre-painted fiberglass cowls! How nice an airplane is it? Scale building master Larry Stenhouse had to have one - and he's not the type to fly just anything!
  • innerVIEW: Once a year manufacturers converge on the International Model and Hobby Show to show hobby shop owners, international distributors, and those lucky modelers who live within driving distance of the show their latest wares. Almost as good as taking the trip yourself, our cameras bring you a sneak peek at some very neat new products.
  • aboutENGINES: When we reviewed YS's hot FZ53 back in the MS0201 issue, we received loads of letters asking for more details on how the supercharging works. Now YS have released their uprated FZ .63 and we show you how it works. Loads of power and and an excellent idle make this one a keeper!
  • Tips: It's inevitable, the neat fiberglass parts in many of today's ARF models will get broken. Larry Stenhouse shows the little tips and tricks which make the repair easy! Then, we feature Robart's awesome oleo-action struts fitted to Great Planes' fabulous Ryan STA and discover they're everything we hoped.
  • ROT8: "An ugly mess!" Is this how you'd describe the wiring harness of your helicopters? It doesn't have to be that way. Our tips will help you achieve that pro-look!
  • workBENCH: A delightful flyer is one description for The World Models great 45-class Rambler 45 sport model. This gorgeous taildragger features double tapered wings, rounded tips, an open cockpit, and retracts! Reminiscent of a Spitfire, she not only looks right, but handles superbly too! Best part? The retracts are pre-installed and easy to setup. Everyone at the field took a turn at the sticks and the concensus is "She's a good 'un!"
  • talkRADIO: Hitec's new 7-channel Eclipse digital radio deserves your serious consideration. Why? It controls both negative-shift FM receivers like those from Hitec and Futaba, and positive-shift FM receivers like those by JR and Airtronic! What's more, you can equip it with the fabulous Spectra module and use any frequency! With glider, powered-aerobatic models, and helicopter programing, one transmitter can do it all.
  • newPRODUCTS: Goebel Custom Dash's new 1/3-scale Pitts panel, Hitec's CG-340 field charger, Jersey Modeler's Fuel Systems, Model Graphic's pilot and vinyl graphics for the Red Devils 1 World Champion Pitts Special, Parkflyers.com's neat indoor aerobat the FOAM, PSP Mfg.'s Fuel Caps, Stan's Fiber Tech epoxyglass cowls, Aspect Aviation's neat Li'l Bubba, Du-Bro's Trans caddy, and then, out of the 1930's it's Pica's fabulous Waco YMF-3 biplane!
  • Yup, it's another jam-packed 2-hour issue of modelSPORT you just gotta have!

Jose Travieso's turbine powered F-15 Eagle.


  Robart's oleo-action strut are the cat's meow!

YS supercharging explained.

Tidy up that wiring harness!

World's 3D template makes cowl cuts easy.

Hitec's new CG-340 charger.

www.model-graphics.com has decal sets for 1/3 scale Pitts!

Loopy park flyer is upcoming!

Stans Fiber tech has awesome epoxyglass cowls!

Pica's Waco YM-F3 is a builder's delight!

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