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Don't have a local modelSPORT dealer near you? Send us an e-mail to let us know
who your local dealer is, and we'll contact them. You'll save shipping and handling.

You don't want to wait . . . you want your copy right now! Phone us at (910) 938-3371,
fax us at (910) 989-1912, send us an e-mail to, or via snail-mail to:

modelSPORT magazine
P.O. Box 12557
Jacksonville, NC 28546

Shopping for several model items at the same time via mail-order?
Several mail-order dealers carry modelSPORT magazine expressly
to serve their customers, just add it to your order with them!

"I'm down to one 03 issue. Better double my order again. I had a bunch of back orders to send out. Today, I got a nice order along with a video order. I made up a special file, for the people that just want me to send them as they come in. They really are well received"
- Mary Hemple, Hobby Barn, Tucson, AZ
"Just a quick note to let you know how well modelSPORT are doing in both our retail store and mail-order divisions. We are noticing many repeat visits from customers in our store. Our first time mail-order customers are not only ordering the videos, but other products as well. Many of these have become regular customers. They are buying the older issues and wanting new issues. We are sold out of vol #1, #2, and #3 - again, give me another 50 of each. More guys are discovering these and getting the whole series."
- Ron Sheldon, Sheldons Hobbies, San Jose, CA
Store Phone E-mail
Hobby Barn (800) 324-4910 Mary Hemple
Mike's Hobby Shop (972) 245-8379 Mike Darnell
Tammies Hobbies (800) 521-5614 Dwayne Hesketh
Sheldon's Hobbies (800) 822-1688 Ron Sheldon

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